Online Currency Ordering Service: A service provided by First Rate Exchange Services Limited on behalf of the referring website owner (the "Website Owner")

This online service for the provision of foreign currency and/or Travellers’ Cheques (“this Service”) is provided for and on behalf of the Website Owner(s) (as defined below) by First Rate Exchange Services Limited (“First Rate”).

You have accessed this Service via a link from one or more website(s) (“the Website(s)”) operated by a third party or third parties (“the Website Owner(s)”).

First Rate is committed to protecting the information you provide about yourself when using this Service taking account of your wishes on this subject at all times. This Privacy Policy explains First Rate’s data processing practices and your options regarding the ways in which your personal data is used. If you have any requests concerning your personal information or any queries with regard to the data processing practices, please contact First Rate at .

Information collected

First Rate collects the details provided by you when you place an order using this Service.

First Rate may also collect additional information if you provide First Rate with feedback on this Service. First Rate also monitors customer traffic patterns and site use so as to improve the service provided.

If you believe that any information which First Rate holds about you is incorrect or incomplete, please contact First Rate at .

Use of your information and your preferences

First Rate will pass your personal data to the Website Owner(s) and the Website Owner(s) may communicate with you in connection with this Service or for marketing or research purposes. First Rate will not pass your personal data to any other third party except for any successors in title to our business, suppliers that process data on our behalf and companies within the First Rate group of companies. First Rate may also use and disclose information in aggregate (so that no individual customers are identified) for strategic development purposes.

First Rate will also disclose your personal data if it is requested by the police or a regulatory or government authority investigating illegal activities to provide information concerning your activities whilst using this Service or otherwise is compelled to do so by law.

Privacy Policy of other web sites

First Rate has no control over the Website(s) or any external websites (“External Websites”) through which you may have accessed this Service and such websites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. The Website Owner(s) or any External Website owner and/or their respective operators may collect information from you which will be used by them in accordance with their own privacy policies which may differ from this Privacy Policy. First Rate will not be responsible for the privacy practices of the Website Owner(s) or the External Websites owner and it is your responsibility to acquaint yourself with any relevant privacy policy which may apply. First Rate will not be responsible for any contact made with you or any material supplied to you by the Website Owner(s), the External Website owner or any other third party. If you do not wish to receive communications from these entities, you should follow the relevant instructions contained in their respective website or notify them of that wish.


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